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Welcome to Bearingbox.

With tremendous selection, industry-best pricing and service, you'll find comfort with Bearingsbox!

Bearingsbox is focused on bearings, timing pulley, timing belts and other industrial transmission parts. Our sales center and warehouse are located in Shanghai, adjacent to the world's largest high-quality production base of bearings, timing pulley and timing belts. We specialized in the research and development, application and manufacture of bearing, timing pulleys, rubber synchronous belt and industrial timing belt many years. Our products include ball bearing, roller bearing, linear ball bearing, mounted ball n linear bearing, industrial rubber synchronous timing belt and synchronous belt wheel, timing pulley, rubber flat belt, double-sided tooth synchronous belt and other related industrial transmission parts. Our products have been sold in more than 200 countries, and we have reached long-term cooperation with thousands of customers all over the world to provide them with fast and reliable industrial transmission products and services.

Why Bearingsbox?

  • High quality with high standards
  • Over 1000+ models and 100,000+ product in Stock
  • Best price with easy buying experience
  • Excellent customer service and technical support

Please view our web pages for more information on user terms, shipping policy, returns policy and on how we protect your privacy.  You may order industrial transmission parts from us, request a wholesale price or contact us from our web site 24/7. For the fastest response to any of your questions, you may reach us during our regular business hours. We do our best to respond to any questions or requests for information within the next business day.

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