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10 Sep The difference between ball bearing and roller bearing
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We always hear ball bearing and roller bearing, so what is the difference? When to use ball bearing and when to use roller bearing, here we offer some..
26 Jul What is the high temperature bearing?
bearingMan 89 1627
When we say high temperature bearing, it means the working temperature higher than that of the ordinary bearing, and the bearing with the general work..
21 Sep What is the bearing model means?
bearingMan 15 10692
From a bearing model we can read the sizes of a bearing we are looking for.Bearings generally have three dimensions, i.e. inner diameter dimension, ou..
02 Aug How to choose a suitable deep groove ball bearing
bearingMan 108 1274
1.General information about Deep groove ball bearing.First we need to know deep groove ball bearing is the most common type of rolling bearing. The ba..
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