We always hear ball bearing and roller bearing, so what is the difference? When to use ball bearing and when to use roller bearing, here we offer some basic information to learn these bearings.

Make it simple, both ball bearing and roller bearing belong to rolling bearing. the difference is the rolling body, ball bearing’s rolling body is ball, steel ball, roller bearing’s rolling body is steel column 

From following definition, we can learn more details about ball bearing and roller bearing.

What is ball bearing? A type of rolling bearing. The ball is installed in the middle of the inner steel ring and the outer steel ring, and can bear large load. Also called ball bearing.

The ball bearing mainly consists of four basic components: ball, inner ring, outer ring and cage retainer. Balls and rings are usually made of high chromium steel. Rockwell c-scale hardness is about 61-65. The hardness of retainer is lower than that of ball and ring, and its material is metal (such as medium carbon steel, aluminum alloy) or non-metal (such as ferron, PTEF, polymer material). The rolling bearing has less rotating friction resistance than journal bearing, so the temperature produced by friction will be lower at the same speed.

What is the roller bearing? The rolling element is the centripetal rolling bearing of cylindrical roller. The cylindrical roller and raceway are linear contact bearings. Large load capacity, mainly bearing radial load. The friction between the rolling body and the retaining edge of the ferrule is small, which is suitable for high-speed rotation. According to whether the ferrule has flange, there are Nu, NJ, NUP, N, NF and other single row bearings, and NNU, NN double row bearings. The bearing is a separable structure of inner ring and outer ring. The inner ring and outer ring of cylindrical roller bearing without flange can move relative to the axial direction, so it can be used as free end bearing. A cylindrical roller bearing with double ribs on one side of the inner ring and outer ring and a single flange on the other side of the ferrule can bear a certain degree of axial load in one direction. Generally, steel plate stamping cage or copper alloy car cage is used. But some use polyamide shaped cages.

The Main uses of roller bearing,large and medium-sized motors, locomotives, machine tool spindles, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, reduction boxes, rolling mills, vibrating screens, hoisting and transportation machinery, etc.